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Poke bowl with citrus-marinated salmon, avocado, and yogurt topping with Agrodolce di Montegibbio® Bianco.

10/15 min

A genuine and healthy poke bowl that you can personalize to your taste; rich in proteins and vitamins, and made with quality ingredients. We recommend this delicious version with the addition of yogurt topping, and the sweet and sour dressing, Agrodolce di Montegibbio Bianco. Quick and easy to make, it will conquer the hearts and palates of the most demanding diners.


Poke bowl ingredients:

100 gr of brown rice

1 steak of smoked salmon (about 200 grams)

Half an orange

Half a lemon

1 tablespoon of soy sauce

1 avocado

Edamame to taste

2 radishes

EVO oil



Dressing ingredients:

1 plain white yogurt

2 tablespoons of Agrodolce di Montegibbio Bianco





Agrodolce di Montegibbio® Bianco
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Rinse the rice under cold running water and cook for about 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, cut the salmon into cubes and add lemon juice. Cover with cling film and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for about half an hour. Finely chop the dill and add it to the yogurt. Pour two tablespoons of Agrodolce di Montegibbio Bianco and mix carefully.
As soon as the rice has reached the desired cooking point, drain well and let cool for a few minutes.
Arrange the Poke bowl: place the rice on the bottom – leveling it without pressing too much – then add the marinated salmon, edamame, and sliced ​​avocado on top.


Poke bowls: typical Hawaiian dishes based on raw fish that are being reinterpreted all around the world, making a splash in restaurants and crowding the backpacks of countless delivery boys. With their exotic charm and low calorie, they have captivated everyone, including fitness enthusiasts getting ready for swimsuit season. It’s the ideal dish for a quick lunch break or an evening with friends: fresh, practical, and perfect for all people on all occasions, even the most undecided. Poke bowls strike a healthy balance, providing a rich supply of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Fish is an excellent source of iodine, one of the most valuable allies of our metabolism, while avocado is rich in good fats and vitamin E.