When the House of Este moved from Ferrara to Modena in 1598, the Duke's family discovered the unique qualities of a land with so many unique tastes including, notably, balsamic vinegar, which was then mostly produced at family level, and they eagerly introduced it into their refined cuisine. This led to the precious dressing finding its way onto royal and noble tables across Europe, marking the start of a success story that is still going strong. Today Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena enrich the recipes of the world's best chefs and are enjoyed the world over. We chose to use the Este Eagle portrayed in the sculpture surmounting the beautiful Peschiera (the Fish Pond) of the Duke's Palace in Sassuolo as our trademark, symbolizing our close ties with the noblest traditions of our area, looking to the present day and the future.

The Bertoni family: from left, Michele, Enrico and Alessandra.


The Delizia Estense vinegar farmhouse was founded in 1970, the culmination of Sante Bertoni’s passion for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, which soon also extended to PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.
From the outset Sante established a company with an outward-looking attitude, starting that “Long Balsamic Project” that is still thriving today and which consists of a philosophy of constant growth without any forcing, but with determination aplenty and a will to improve.
The acquisition of Trebbiano and Lambrusco Grasparossa vineyards in a magnificent hillside position, organic agriculture, innovative methods that respect tradition, product excellence: these are the management criteria of a family-run company with the ability to look beyond its own backyard and to grow both in Italy and throughout the rest of the world.

Riserva del Fondatore

Over the years, the original settlement at Montegibbio, consisting of a house and a PDO Traditional Balsamic Vinegar vinegar farmhouse, was expanded with the addition of various sheds for the ageing of PGI vinegars and, more recently, a second building for the same purpose, built using natural, eco-sustainable materials. 
Following in Sante’s footsteps, his son Michele, daughter-in-law Alessandra and grandson Enrico now carry on the family firm’s values with the founder’s same entrepreneurial spirit and passion, plus the same attention to the details and excellence of process and product alike. In over 50 years of business, we have acquired sound skills in the art of Balsamic Vinegar, which on their own constitute not just a unique heritage, but a guarantee of quality.


Important, authoritative certifications testify to the quality of our products.

• The Protected Designation of Origin PDO and Protected Geographical Indication PGI marks guarantee the local origin of our products and adherence to production regulations.
• Michele and Alessandra Bertoni are founding members of AIB (Assaggiatori Italiani Balsamico) a.k.a. the Italian Association of Balsamic Tasters. After years of study, tasting and dedication to balsamic vinegar, they qualified as Tasters of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.
• Our Traditional Balsamic Vinegar took 3rd place in the Palio San Giovanni 1991 competition, a consolidated event that awards the best Balsamic Vinegar producers.


Nature in its purest form.

From the vineyard to the final bottling, we do not add any chemical additives at any stage of production. In our vineyards, Trebbiano and Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes ripen respecting natural cycles, without the use of herbicides or pesticides. In the vinegar house, only time works, accompanied by plenty of patience and love. All this is done in compliance with organic certification standards, ensuring the quality of our raw materials and products.

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